Nov 24

Benefits of Portable Vacuum Cleaners

There are times when you wish you would trade your full size vacuum cleaner for a broom and dustpan, right? Yes, this is when you have to pull out that heavy and bulky machine just to clean up small messes or when it gets difficult to get into that small space when cleaning.

This is where portable vacuums comes in handy and with its diverse features, it could as well be on its way to beating the full size vacuum in terms of functionality.

The following are the benefits of buying a portable vacuum:

Dyson Portable Vacuum Cleaner1. They are portable

These vacuum cleaners are lightweight and for this reason can be easily moved around with little to no effort and even turned and twisted at different angles to achieve the best results. Most of them are cordless and can be used to clean anywhere ranging from the stairway to the inside of your car without the restriction of cords. This makes cleaning easier and thus improves your cleaning habits thus a cleaner environment.

2. They are more compact

By this I mean that these machines tend to be smaller but are equipped with a lot of features. Their narrowness allows them to reach small spaces and hard to reach areas. Since they can be easily twisted and rotated at many angles, they can reach even the smallest crevice or space hence achieving a spotless clean. This property also allows for the easier cleaning of upholstered furniture, carpets, behind and under furniture and inside closets or drawers.

3. They offer easier storage

Portable vacuums are smaller hence offer better storage options. Some of them are collapsible, others come with detachable handles and others with compact charging units hence they don’t take up much space. This makes them easier to store as they can fit under a bed, inside a cabinet, in a corner or on a shelf.

4. Time saving

Imagine having to haul a large vacuum out of its storage just to clear up an accidental spill. This hassle can be solved completely by a portable vacuum especially if you have kids or pets at your place as you are more susceptible to accidental messes and spills. They are easier to carry and move around thus save you effort and most importantly time whenever you have to clear up any mess or carry out a small quick cleaning task.

5. Ease of use

These kind of vacuums are easy to use as they have fewer control buttons. Emptying their dirt cups is also hassle-free as this can be simply done by shaking them over the dust bin or by a simple press of a button in some. This also prevents the scattering of dust in the air which could spark off allergies. Cleaning large vacuums is harder due to the amount of dirt they hold.

6. Cost effective

Most portable vacuum cleaners are more affordable as compared to large vacuums. When compared to their effectiveness and functionality, they are more cost effective than the traditional upright vacuums. Nowadays, their suction power is more than adequate for cleaning up all types of messes.

In my honest opinion, portable vacuums are the way to go if you are concerned about storage space, portability, cost and functionality.