Nov 24

Wood Floor Installation Tips & Tricks

When you are installing a wooden floor there are several things that you should keep in mind. The important points to consider in this regard are the area of the floor, the cost, the design or the natural color of the wood and similar features.

Installing a wooden floor can be real tough as well as tricky if you do not have a basic knowledge regarding this matter. Here are some quick tips on installation of the wooden floor.

Wood Floor Installation1. Bundle of woods do matter

If you are buying wooden planks, be sure to buy them from the same lot. With the change in lot, there is a change in the patterns of the wood. Although you might not notice it, still there are minor differences and that may ruin the beauty of your favorite floor after polish. You do not want that. So, be careful before you buy.

2. Buying extra does not harm you

One thing you should always remember is that there may be one or two planks or lamina of wood which you will not be able to use, no matter how much you try. This is because some wooden planks have gashes, while others have holes or are rigged in the edges or cracked. So, you need to find an alternative for those woods, buying a bit extra helps you overcome this problem.

3. Cleaning the area matters most

If the area where you want to install the wooden floor is dirty, you will have problem installing it, especially around special areas like fireplaces. Also you should try and make the area as smooth as possible. This will help you to adjust the level of the wood when you install it. Remember to first install two wooden planks straight, or else the whole effort of yours will be in vain.

4. Leave space for expansion

When you are installing the wooden floor, keep in mind that it is still floating. Hence you should keep enough space for the wood to expand. If you do not leave any place, then the floor will buckle up or down after a few months and you will need to re-install it again.

5. Before you use the saw, think

While you are trying to size the wood according to your need, be careful enough to measure it the maximum number of times. It will be very unwise of you if you measure and cut out the wrong size. One mistake on your part and the whole lamina of wood will be wasted. That is not wanted by you. So, why not take your time and measure it before you decide to divide it into half?

As mentioned previously, the installation require a little bit of knowledge. Also, it should be kept in mind that you will know your needs better. So, while you are trying to beautify your house by installing the wooden floors, be wise enough and use any technique that you deem suitable, but before you apply it, just think if it is logical or not. You can also read our other article about 5 things that you should know before you invest in new wood floors.