Mar 16

5 Convincing Reasons to Choose a Dyson Vacuum Over its Competitors

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool for any home. This is the most reliable gadget in eliminating dust, dirt, fur and any other unwanted small materials accumulated in the house. However, not all brands are as effective as advertised.

The Dyson vacuum is a well-known brand that clearly stands out from all the rest. It has gathered huge popularity due to its functional design and remarkable features. More info here: http://floorexecutives.com/dyson-vacuum/

Here are 5 reasons why this vacuum should be your preferred choice.

1. Contains HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filters to eliminate any dust and dirt in the air

The HEPA filters in the Dyson vacuums are designed to effectively capture mini particles such as dust, pollen and even bacteria that are suspended in the air. Their HEPA filters will trap even the smallest microscopic particles (0.5 microns) that other vacuum brands will find difficult trapping. This is made possible with a multitude of very small fibers that criss-cross among one another.

With Dyson, you will create a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home free from any suspended materials in the air.

2. Best for cleaning allergens: Contains an allergy cleaning kit

Dyson vacuums have been approved by the Allergy Suisse for their ability to effectively eliminate allergens. All their models are equipped with an allergy cleaning kit that works together with the HEPA filter to eliminate the common allergens like dust, cobwebs and pet hair that would otherwise get thrown right back in the air. This is made possible with 3 tools that make up the allergy cleaning pack: they include:

  • i. A flexible crevice tool with a small brush to clean sharp corners
  • ii. Lint traps to pick up pet hair
  • iii. A mattress tool to effectively eliminate dust mites or any infestations that other handheld vacuums do very little

3. Contains a car cleaning kit

The Dyson vacuum also contains a car cleaning kit that will enable you to get the same level of cleanliness you are accustomed to at home. It contains small wands that will let you reach in between seats to remove any dirt, food particles, hairs and any other small objects that may be trapped. It has a compact turbine head that will effectively remove any dirt, soil, fur, and stains that other conventional vacuum cleaners will find difficult.

The car cleaning pack will guarantee that every time you clean your car; your carpets, seats, and dashboard stand up like brand new.

4. Totally bag-less

The Dyson vacuum works by getting all the dust and dirt through high suction and spinning them into much smaller particles then sends them to the cylinders. Once the dirt and the other materials reach the cylinder, they are taken to a detachable dustbin and contained there. For this reason, you do not need a bag to filter out the dirt and dust.

This will make work easier for you, unlike using other vacuums where you have the extra baggage of holding on to the dirtbags.

5. Easy to move around with

Apart from its compact and lightweight nature, Dyson makes maneuverability much easier. It includes a round ball at the base for better movements. The ball is very durable and is resistant to most forms of distortions. This will make the cleaning much more enjoyable unlike when you have to carry the whole thing around.

The Dyson vacuums are designed for efficient and quality cleaning. This should be your number one choice considering its effectiveness, design, updated technology and ease of use. Do not look any further, the five reasons discussed above makes it stand out from its competitors.