Mar 16

5 Convincing Reasons to Choose a Dyson Vacuum Over its Competitors

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool for any home. This is the most reliable gadget in eliminating dust, dirt, fur and any other unwanted small materials accumulated in the house. However, not all brands are as effective as advertised.

The Dyson vacuum is a well-known brand that clearly stands out from all the rest. It has gathered huge popularity due to its functional design and remarkable features. More info here:

Here are 5 reasons why this vacuum should be your preferred choice.

1. Contains HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filters to eliminate any dust and dirt in the air

The HEPA filters in the Dyson vacuums are designed to effectively capture mini particles such as dust, pollen and even bacteria that are suspended in the air. Their HEPA filters will trap even the smallest microscopic particles (0.5 microns) that other vacuum brands will find difficult trapping. This is made possible with a multitude of very small fibers that criss-cross among one another.

With Dyson, you will create a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home free from any suspended materials in the air.

2. Best for cleaning allergens: Contains an allergy cleaning kit

Dyson vacuums have been approved by the Allergy Suisse for their ability to effectively eliminate allergens. All their models are equipped with an allergy cleaning kit that works together with the HEPA filter to eliminate the common allergens like dust, cobwebs and pet hair that would otherwise get thrown right back in the air. This is made possible with 3 tools that make up the allergy cleaning pack: they include:

  • i. A flexible crevice tool with a small brush to clean sharp corners
  • ii. Lint traps to pick up pet hair
  • iii. A mattress tool to effectively eliminate dust mites or any infestations that other handheld vacuums do very little

3. Contains a car cleaning kit

The Dyson vacuum also contains a car cleaning kit that will enable you to get the same level of cleanliness you are accustomed to at home. It contains small wands that will let you reach in between seats to remove any dirt, food particles, hairs and any other small objects that may be trapped. It has a compact turbine head that will effectively remove any dirt, soil, fur, and stains that other conventional vacuum cleaners will find difficult.

The car cleaning pack will guarantee that every time you clean your car; your carpets, seats, and dashboard stand up like brand new.

4. Totally bag-less

The Dyson vacuum works by getting all the dust and dirt through high suction and spinning them into much smaller particles then sends them to the cylinders. Once the dirt and the other materials reach the cylinder, they are taken to a detachable dustbin and contained there. For this reason, you do not need a bag to filter out the dirt and dust.

This will make work easier for you, unlike using other vacuums where you have the extra baggage of holding on to the dirtbags.

5. Easy to move around with

Apart from its compact and lightweight nature, Dyson makes maneuverability much easier. It includes a round ball at the base for better movements. The ball is very durable and is resistant to most forms of distortions. This will make the cleaning much more enjoyable unlike when you have to carry the whole thing around.

The Dyson vacuums are designed for efficient and quality cleaning. This should be your number one choice considering its effectiveness, design, updated technology and ease of use. Do not look any further, the five reasons discussed above makes it stand out from its competitors.

Jun 28

5 Things to Know Before Investing in Hardwood Floors

Wood Floor Investment

So you’re looking to splurge on a new hardwood floor. You definitely deserve it. After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than the sight of your gorgeous home as you walk through the door. And hardwood is nothing if not gorgeous. But before you put in those beautiful floors, here are 5 things you should know before investing in hardwood floors.

1. Let’s Talk About Money

Hardwood floors are one of the more expensive types of flooring, so installing them is quite the investment. If you take the time to find a good deal, you will end up with high quality wood that is well worth the cost. They type of hardwood we choose should be durable as well as beautiful. Though durable hardwood costs more, it lasts longer and greatly increases the value of a property.

When buying hardwood, we try to balance quality and cost. But this is a long term investment, so quality and durability should be the most important thing to consider.

There is a way to have your cake and eat it, though. Well-made, well-installed engineered hardwood is hardy, low maintenance, durable and costs way less than actual wood. Still, remember that a house with actual hardwood floors will fetch a much higher price on the market.

2. What’s Your Style?

No matter your taste, there is hardwood flooring that will fit perfectly in your home. Hardwood comes in different colors and patterns. For example:

  • White oak is versatile and is compatible with many types of décor. Its grey undertones make it perfect for a minimalist, modern home with dark furniture (black or grey) and neutral colored walls and drapes.
  • Maple has a pale, creamy color. For homes that have warm color schemes, maple is one way to go.
  • For those who like Mediterranean décor, teak adds vibrant color to the home. Teak comes in colors ranging from brown to gold and is very compatible with brightly colored furnishings.
  • And finally, engineered wood. Being man-made, this wood comes in a wide variety of designs. Some of these designs are found in nature and other designs we can create as we pick a print for our laminated wood.

3. Living With Hardwood Floors

Are there children and pets in the home?

How messy are they?

Is there someone who insists on walking around the house in heels or cleats, and can you stop them?

These are the realities you have to consider before buying hardwood floors. And this is how you deal with them:

  • Flooring in high traffic areas needs to be tough and durable. The harder the wood, the better it resists scratches, scuff marks and pressure. That’s where the Janka scale comes in handy. If your entire home is a high traffic area, then you should buy wood that rates no less than 1200 on the Janka scale. The harder the wood, the higher it rates on the scale and the more it costs. On the flip side, it will add more value to your home compared to softer wood.
  • The floors should be installed and finished in a way that makes them easy to clean. Grooves on the flooring create texture but make the floor harder to clean. Waterproof finish is recommended for homes where spills and accidents happen regularly.
  • Hardwood requires periodic maintenance tasks like refinishing and sanding. You should be ready to make an emotional and financial commitment.
  • Be ready to invest in a powerful cleaning machine like the Dyson multi floor vacuum cleaner. You can learn more about hardwood floor vacuums on the Home Floor Experts website.

4. Climate

If you live in a place that goes through drastic changes through the seasons, your home needs to be weatherproofed. How you do this depends on where you live:

  • Humidifiers are needed in places where the air is hot and dry. They prevent dehydration of the wood which causes warping.
  • In case of excessive humidity, air conditioning is needed to circulate and dry the air. Excessive humidity can also cause warping.
  • Hardwood needs protection from excess sunlight exposure that causes the wood to fade
  • Insulation is needed to keep the home at a fairly constant temperature even when its extremely cold or extremely hot outside.

5. The Sub-floor

The state of your sub-floor determines if hardwood flooring is a good idea. Before installing hardwood, you should check for any weakness in the sub-floor that could allow water damage.

Also, if your sub-floor is uneven, you floor will creak in some places. This is not a problem unless you like sneaking around all cat-like.

So, should you get hardwood floors?

Yes. They are beautiful and they make for great insulation. The most important thing is to know what it takes to install and maintain your floors. The only people who have reason to shy away from hardwood floors are those who live in really damp areas, like swamps or Atlantis.

Feb 10

Canister Vacuum Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One For Your Home

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your home clean, having a good vacuum in your arsenal is a must. Because there are so many different types and models out there, however, it can be difficult to choose one above all the others. If you really want the best bang for your buck, and a top-quality vacuum to boot, you should seriously consider investing in a canister vacuum.

Canister vacuums come in all shapes and sizes so it is possible to find one that will suit your exact needs and preferences. Before you start shopping around, however, you need to learn the basics first, including what they are, how they work, and what makes them better than all the other options available. That is exactly what you will learn in this article!

Overview of The Different Types

Unless you have shopped for vacuum cleaners before, you may not realize just how many different types there are to choose from. The most common is the upright vacuum. These offer a wide cleaning swath and many of them offer lightweight but deep-cleaning performance.

If your home is new construction, you might be fortunate enough to have a central vacuum system. These systems do not require you to carry around a heavy vacuum body – you simply connect the head to a hose which hooks into the central unit at different locations around your house. This type of system doesn’t need to be emptied as often as traditional means, but they are very expensive to install.

Two other popular types you may already be familiar with are the stick and the robotic vacuums. Robot cleaners are usually battery-powered and they move on their own, cleaning up the surface debris that collects between your regular vacuuming sessions. Stick vacuums are lightweight and often cord-free but they generally don’t work well on carpets and they have small-capacity collection bins.


Detachable Vacuum Head

What is a Canister Vacuum?

If you are serious about investing in a high-quality vacuum, then you definitely want to consider a canister model and see if it is ideal for your cleaning situation. This is simplay a two-part vacuum that consists of the vacuum head and a separate collection canister connected with a length of hose. Whereas the vacuum head and collection canister are housed in a single unit for traditional upright vacuums, canisters, on the other hand, allow you to move the two parts independently.

They come in all different sizes, so some will be easier to transport than others. Many feature lightweight vacuum heads that are easy to push around and flexible hosing offers excellent versatility. They often feature retractable power cords for an added level of convenience and some of them come with multiple vacuum heads or special tools to use on stairs.

The Benefits

In terms of cleaning and performance, canister vacuums are very similar to the traditional upright variation, but they offer improved performance for bare floors and upholstered furniture. Some of the additional benefits are listed below:

  • Quieter performance than most traditional uprights and sticks.
  • Designed to reach hard-to-access areas such as under furniture.
  • Easier to handle on stairs because of the separated canister.
  • Excellent performance for drapery and upholstered furniture.
  • Improved mobility over traditional machines, easier to carry around the house.
  • Better performance on bare and hardwood floors. A good choice if you’ve already invested in a hardwood floor.
  • Many models come with a retractable power cord for easy storage.
  • Some models include multiple vacuum heads and/or specialized tools.

As you can see, canister models offer some significant benefits over other types of vacuums. When shopping for a new product, however, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons. On the list of cons are the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to maneuver the canister, you may need to change vacuum heads for different types of flooring, and the two-part system may be more difficult to store than traditional models.

Tips for Choosing a Good Canister Vacuum

If you have decided that a canister vacuum is the right choice for you, your next step is to pick a model. Some of the biggest brand names include Bissell, Dyson, Miele, and Eureka and each of these companies offer canister cleaners in various sizes.

In addition to thinking about what size cleaner will meet your needs, you also have to make a few other decisions. For example, do you want to go with a bagged or a bagless model? Many people are of the opinion that disposable bags are outdated, but some people still prefer the simplicity of throwing away the bag when it gets full instead of having to empty out a large dirt canister.

On the plus side, bagless models are less expensive to maintain and you can actually see the canister filling up with dirt, dust, and other debris as you clean. Before making your decision, think about what matters most to you – the inexpensive operation of a bagless system or the quick convenience of disposable bags. Once you’ve decided between the bagged or bagless variation, you also need to think about the shape and design of the vacuum head.

Some are made with a slim profile, designed to reach under furniture while others are not quite so streamlined but offer a larger swath. If you have a lot of carpeting in your home, you also need to think about whether that includes a spinning brush – this is especially useful for getting up stubborn pet hair. Some even come with two separate cleaning heads, one for hard floors and one for carpeting.


Before you go shopping, it is important to consider your needs. Do you need a small cleaner that is easy to carry around the house or do you need something more heavy-duty that offers powerful suction? Until you answer these and other basic questions about your cleaning habits, you won’t be able to make an informed decision.

After thinking about your needs and considering your different options, you will inevitably come to see that canister vacuums are one of the more superior options. Not only are they highly versatile, but they offer deep-cleaning power and easy operation. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a canister vacuum.

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Dec 01

Tips on How to Pick The Best Scratch Resistant Hardwood

“Wood flooring” is a comprehensive category that includes different wood species, finishes and products. Not all wood types are the same and each one has unique advantages and disadvantages of its own. There’s no such term as “scratch-resistant” when it comes to hardwood. However, the choice of finish and engineering technologies implemented for processing lumber are two important factors that make wood floors scratch-resistant.

Things You Should Consider

Type Of Wood

  • Hardwood flooring is sold as engineered or processed wood and solid wood. Solid wood is carved from a single, solid piece of timber. It’s available in unfinished, refinished or factory finished forms.
  • Contrary to this, engineered wood is manufactured using complex technologies. Nine individual wooden plies are joined together, sealed, polished and veneer laminated to produce processed wood.

Benefits & Downsides Of Different Types

  • While engineered hardwood is resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture content, it can’t be refinished when the floorboards turn old, dull or scratched. This is not the case with solid wood. It can endure multiple servicing sessions and continue to endure it for a long time.
  • Solid wood floors can be easily replaced, remodeled or redesigned when you get bored of them, which is not the case with engineered hardwood.
  • Processed hardwood is stronger, more durable and scratch resistant up to 99% due to veneer application. As opposed to it, solid wood needs reapplication of finish at fixed time intervals.
  • It’s easier to maintain solid hardwood flooring however engineered requires great care. Moreover, its maintenance process is time-taking and quite expensive.

Scores Of Janka Hardness Test

This test determines the durability, resilience and endurance power of hardwood, based on the amount of force applied on its surface, in order to embed a steel ball into it. Although the test results don’t guarantee 100% scratch resistance yet, the species that have high points (over 2000) are more resistant to dents, blemishes, coloration and deep gouges.

Wood Species

Wood species like Brazilian teak, Cherry and walnut are naturally hard whereas the yellow pine and American Beech are more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, choose the species that has long history of endurance and natural resistance.


Final finishing plays an important role in enhancing the endurance power of your flooring. Some manufacturers prepare special polishes for surface application while others inject acrylic monomers in between the floorboards to make them harder. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing finish:

  • Polyurethane: Not much effective, at least 10 coats have to be applied to acquire the desired effect.
  • Ceramics & Aluminum Oxide: They’re not used individually but are mixed with urethane polishes to ensure greater resistance.
  • Water-based Urethane: It is durable, waterproof, hard, resistant to yellowing and superior to other finishes.
  • Oil-based Urethane: They provide best protection against peeling, water damages, chipping and pets.

Credibility Of The Provider

Always consider the market reputation and past experience of a provider before purchasing hardwood flooring from them. Opt for the companies that provide excellent customer services and warranties, offer samples or trials and have a flexible rate list.

Extra Tips

  • Scratches are not conspicuous on dark colored surfaces so avoid high-gloss finish or light colors. Moderate or neutral shades and satin finishes are the best.
  • It is impossible to achieve total scratch-resistance. Use carpets or scratch pads when pets are around.
  • Take proper care of your floor by following the right cleaning and polishing techniques to keep it as good as new.

If you’re looking for sturdy wood floors, better choose a durable and strong hardwood species along with quality finish and effective floor products. This maximizes the durability of your flooring and checks any additional money spent on its maintenance. You’ll also want to look into ways to wax your floor for even more scratch resistance.

Nov 27

Vacuum Reviews And Recommendations

Reviews and recommendations from individual buyers and experts alike are another vital source of knowledge. Below are the descriptions of the three unique styles and the recommendations for top vacuum cleaners of each style on the market:

Broom Vacuums

Dust and BroomThese types of cleaners are smaller than a regular, upright models. It has a lighter weight and its general area of expertise includes hard surfaces. Also due to the fact that it is a smaller size, it can reach tighter areas, such as the areas between the floors and the kitchen counters. They are also available in corded and cordless versions.

The best corded model on the market is said to be the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2T. It does a great job at picking up pesky pet hair and its nozzle features are some of the greatest. Amazon reviewers have given this product a 4.3 and remarked to be, “Best vacuum for pets if you have bare floors and area rugs!”

The best cordless broom vacuum has been noted as the Hoover Platinum Collection Linx BH50010. With incredible abilities on carpets as well as hard floors, an outstanding battery lifespan and pleasing features, this cleaner has received an Amazon ranking of 4.4 out of 3,064.

Canister Cleaners

Canister vacuums are another tool that works best with hard floors. With a detachable stretch hose it can be moved conveniently and the other attachments allow for quick work of tough to reach places. It’s also light weight but usually has a much more powerful suction than broom vacuums.

The highest ranked quality canister vacuum has been noted as Dyson DC39 Multi Floor HEPA Bagless Canister Vacuum. It is expensive, but it has been stated as having a high versatility, easy maneuverability, low noise level and allergy friendly.

Handheld Cleaners

Handheld vacuums come in two different forms, similar to broom vacuums, corded and cordless. These vacuums are best suited to smaller tasks however they are extremely versatile in the use of emergencies. They are also best suited for messes in automobiles, seeing as these vacuums are smaller and easily transportable.

One of the highest ranking cordless handheld vacuums happen to be the Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac PHV1810. While the top corded version goes by the name, Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac 71B. Both were given rankings of over 4 stars from Amazon reviewers.

Vacuums vary widely, there are hundreds to choose from and while they may be different in their own way, so are your needs as a customer. Think about what kind of needs you require of your vacuum and once you know that, you’re on your way to crossing off another task from your list of many.

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