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Canister Vacuum Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One For Your Home

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your home clean, having a good vacuum in your arsenal is a must. Because there are so many different types and models out there, however, it can be difficult to choose one above all the others. If you really want the best bang for your buck, and a top-quality vacuum to boot, you should seriously consider investing in a canister vacuum.

Canister vacuums come in all shapes and sizes so it is possible to find one that will suit your exact needs and preferences. Before you start shopping around, however, you need to learn the basics first, including what they are, how they work, and what makes them better than all the other options available. That is exactly what you will learn in this article!

Overview of The Different Types

Unless you have shopped for vacuum cleaners before, you may not realize just how many different types there are to choose from. The most common is the upright vacuum. These offer a wide cleaning swath and many of them offer lightweight but deep-cleaning performance.

If your home is new construction, you might be fortunate enough to have a central vacuum system. These systems do not require you to carry around a heavy vacuum body – you simply connect the head to a hose which hooks into the central unit at different locations around your house. This type of system doesn’t need to be emptied as often as traditional means, but they are very expensive to install.

Two other popular types you may already be familiar with are the stick and the robotic vacuums. Robot cleaners are usually battery-powered and they move on their own, cleaning up the surface debris that collects between your regular vacuuming sessions. Stick vacuums are lightweight and often cord-free but they generally don’t work well on carpets and they have small-capacity collection bins.

Detachable Vacuum HeadWhat is a Canister Vacuum?

If you are serious about investing in a high-quality vacuum, then you definitely want to consider a canister model and see if it is ideal for your cleaning situation. This is simplay a two-part vacuum that consists of the vacuum head and a separate collection canister connected with a length of hose. Whereas the vacuum head and collection canister are housed in a single unit for traditional upright vacuums, canisters, on the other hand, allow you to move the two parts independently.

They come in all different sizes, so some will be easier to transport than others. Many feature lightweight vacuum heads that are easy to push around and flexible hosing offers excellent versatility. They often feature retractable power cords for an added level of convenience and some of them come with multiple vacuum heads or special tools to use on stairs.

The Benefits

In terms of cleaning and performance, canister vacuums are very similar to the traditional upright variation, but they offer improved performance for bare floors and upholstered furniture. Some of the additional benefits are listed below:

  • Quieter performance than most traditional uprights and sticks.
  • Designed to reach hard-to-access areas such as under furniture.
  • Easier to handle on stairs because of the separated canister.
  • Excellent performance for drapery and upholstered furniture.
  • Improved mobility over traditional machines, easier to carry around the house.
  • Better performance on bare and hardwood floors.
  • Many models come with a retractable power cord for easy storage.
  • Some models include multiple vacuum heads and/or specialized tools.

As you can see, canister models offer some significant benefits over other types of vacuums. When shopping for a new product, however, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons. On the list of cons are the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to maneuver the canister, you may need to change vacuum heads for different types of flooring, and the two-part system may be more difficult to store than traditional models.

Tips for Choosing a Good Canister Vacuum

If you have decided that a canister vacuum is the right choice for you, your next step is to pick a model. Some of the biggest brand names include Bissell, Dyson, Miele, and Eureka and each of these companies offer canister cleaners in various sizes.

In addition to thinking about what size cleaner will meet your needs, you also have to make a few other decisions. For example, do you want to go with a bagged or a bagless model? Many people are of the opinion that disposable bags are outdated, but some people still prefer the simplicity of throwing away the bag when it gets full instead of having to empty out a large dirt canister.

On the plus side, bagless models are less expensive to maintain and you can actually see the canister filling up with dirt, dust, and other debris as you clean. Before making your decision, think about what matters most to you – the inexpensive operation of a bagless system or the quick convenience of disposable bags. Once you’ve decided between the bagged or bagless variation, you also need to think about the shape and design of the vacuum head.

Some are made with a slim profile, designed to reach under furniture while others are not quite so streamlined but offer a larger swath. If you have a lot of carpeting in your home, you also need to think about whether that includes a spinning brush – this is especially useful for getting up stubborn pet hair. Some even come with two separate cleaning heads, one for hard floors and one for carpeting.


Before you go shopping, it is important to consider your needs. Do you need a small cleaner that is easy to carry around the house or do you need something more heavy-duty that offers powerful suction? Until you answer these and other basic questions about your cleaning habits, you won’t be able to make an informed decision.

After thinking about your needs and considering your different options, you will inevitably come to see that canister vacuums are one of the more superior options. Not only are they highly versatile, but they offer deep-cleaning power and easy operation. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a canister vacuum.

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Dec 01

Tips on How to Pick The Best Scratch Resistant Hardwood

“Wood flooring” is a comprehensive category that includes different wood species, finishes and products. Not all wood types are the same and each one has unique advantages and disadvantages of its own. There’s no such term as “scratch-resistant” when it comes to hardwood. However, the choice of finish and engineering technologies implemented for processing lumber are two important factors that make wood floors scratch-resistant.

Things You Should Consider

Type Of Wood

  • Hardwood flooring is sold as engineered or processed wood and solid wood. Solid wood is carved from a single, solid piece of timber. It’s available in unfinished, refinished or factory finished forms.
  • Contrary to this, engineered wood is manufactured using complex technologies. Nine individual wooden plies are joined together, sealed, polished and veneer laminated to produce processed wood.

Benefits & Downsides Of Different Types

  • While engineered hardwood is resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture content, it can’t be refinished when the floorboards turn old, dull or scratched. This is not the case with solid wood. It can endure multiple servicing sessions and continue to endure it for a long time.
  • Solid wood floors can be easily replaced, remodeled or redesigned when you get bored of them, which is not the case with engineered hardwood.
  • Processed hardwood is stronger, more durable and scratch resistant up to 99% due to veneer application. As opposed to it, solid wood needs reapplication of finish at fixed time intervals.
  • It’s easier to maintain solid hardwood flooring however engineered requires great care. Moreover, its maintenance process is time-taking and quite expensive.

Scores Of Janka Hardness Test

This test determines the durability, resilience and endurance power of hardwood, based on the amount of force applied on its surface, in order to embed a steel ball into it. Although the test results don’t guarantee 100% scratch resistance yet, the species that have high points (over 2000) are more resistant to dents, blemishes, coloration and deep gouges.

Wood Species

Wood species like Brazilian teak, Cherry and walnut are naturally hard whereas the yellow pine and American Beech are more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, choose the species that has long history of endurance and natural resistance.


Final finishing plays an important role in enhancing the endurance power of your flooring. Some manufacturers prepare special polishes for surface application while others inject acrylic monomers in between the floorboards to make them harder. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing finish:

  • Polyurethane: Not much effective, at least 10 coats have to be applied to acquire the desired effect.
  • Ceramics & Aluminum Oxide: They’re not used individually but are mixed with urethane polishes to ensure greater resistance.
  • Water-based Urethane: It is durable, waterproof, hard, resistant to yellowing and superior to other finishes.
  • Oil-based Urethane: They provide best protection against peeling, water damages, chipping and pets.

Credibility Of The Provider

Always consider the market reputation and past experience of a provider before purchasing hardwood flooring from them. Opt for the companies that provide excellent customer services and warranties, offer samples or trials and have a flexible rate list.

Extra Tips

  • Scratches are not conspicuous on dark colored surfaces so avoid high-gloss finish or light colors. Moderate or neutral shades and satin finishes are the best.
  • It is impossible to achieve total scratch-resistance. Use carpets or scratch pads when pets are around.
  • Take proper care of your floor by following the right cleaning and polishing techniques to keep it as good as new.

If you’re looking for sturdy wood floors, better choose a durable and strong hardwood species along with quality finish and effective floor products. This maximizes the durability of your flooring and checks any additional money spent on its maintenance. You’ll also want to look into ways to wax your floor for even more scratch resistance.

Nov 27

Vacuum Reviews And Recommendations

Reviews and recommendations from individual buyers and experts alike are another vital source of knowledge. Below are the descriptions of the three unique styles and the recommendations for top vacuum cleaners of each style on the market:

Broom Vacuums

Dust and BroomThese types of cleaners are smaller than a regular, upright models. It has a lighter weight and its general area of expertise includes hard surfaces. Also due to the fact that it is a smaller size, it can reach tighter areas, such as the areas between the floors and the kitchen counters. They are also available in corded and cordless versions.

The best corded model on the market is said to be the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2T. It does a great job at picking up pesky pet hair and its nozzle features are some of the greatest. Amazon reviewers have given this product a 4.3 and remarked to be, “Best vacuum for pets if you have bare floors and area rugs!”

The best cordless broom vacuum has been noted as the Hoover Platinum Collection Linx BH50010. With incredible abilities on carpets as well as hard floors, an outstanding battery lifespan and pleasing features, this cleaner has received an Amazon ranking of 4.4 out of 3,064.

Canister Cleaners

Canister vacuums are another tool that works best with hard floors. With a detachable stretch hose it can be moved conveniently and the other attachments allow for quick work of tough to reach places. It’s also light weight but usually has a much more powerful suction than broom vacuums.

The highest ranked quality canister vacuum has been noted as Dyson DC39 Multi Floor HEPA Bagless Canister Vacuum. It is expensive, but it has been stated as having a high versatility, easy maneuverability, low noise level and allergy friendly.

Handheld Cleaners

Handheld vacuums come in two different forms, similar to broom vacuums, corded and cordless. These vacuums are best suited to smaller tasks however they are extremely versatile in the use of emergencies. They are also best suited for messes in automobiles, seeing as these vacuums are smaller and easily transportable.

One of the highest ranking cordless handheld vacuums happen to be the Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac PHV1810. While the top corded version goes by the name, Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac 71B. Both were given rankings of over 4 stars from Amazon reviewers.

Vacuums vary widely, there are hundreds to choose from and while they may be different in their own way, so are your needs as a customer. Think about what kind of needs you require of your vacuum and once you know that, you’re on your way to crossing off another task from your list of many.

Nov 25

How to Clean Wood Floors Without Streaks

The use of wood as flooring can be considered as one of the most popular choices of homeowners.

It simply adds that unique sense of elegance and aesthetic appeal to homes. Whether you have a house that has a modern or traditional design, wood floors can fit beautifully in it.

The Challenge:

Proper Maintenance of Streak-Free Flooring

In order to maintain the beauty of your wood floors, it is necessary for you to keep them free from dirt and grime. However, problem arises when they’re not properly cleaned with the right tools, cleaning materials, and techniques.

It is possible that you might accidentally leave some scratches and streaks that would negatively affect the overall beauty and luster of your elegant flooring.

How to Clean Laminate Floor Without Streaks and Smear Marks

With this problem at hand, I decided to extend some help and provide a comprehensive guide that will allow you to properly maintain and preserve the charm of streak-free floors.

Important Materials and Tools

The different types of floors also require various kinds of cleaning materials and tools to clean them. One kind of cleaning material that is applicable for one type of flooring may not be effective for another. So in order to help you with your goal of having streak-free wood flooring, I will also provide you with a list of materials. Listed below are the things you will need that are very easy to acquire or may even be readily available in your homes:

  1. Broom or vacuum cleaner
  2. Mop
  3. Warm water
  4. Mild liquid detergent
  5. Dry piece of cloth

The Step-by-Step Guide

After gathering the materials necessary for this task, you are now ready to begin. Below are the basic steps that you should follow in order to clean your floors properly. Try to follow these steps accurately for best results.

  1. Using your broom or vacuum cleaner, clean off all the dust and dirt. Not only will the fine bristles of your broom enable you to clean the crevices, it will also contribute to your goal because the soft bristles will not leave any scratch marks on the surface. If you intend to use a vacuum cleaner, do not use an attachment with hard bristles that might leave scuff marks.
  2. Mix mild liquid detergent with a bucket of warm water in order to form a solution that will be safe to use on wood. Just add a few drops of mild liquid detergent and do not make the solution too soapy. Also avoid strong chemicals in cleaning this type of flooring for they can cause damage.
  3. Submerge your mop in the bucket that contains the solution and wring it several times. This will allow you to remove excess liquids from the mop that may damage your floor over time. After wringing, mop the floor a couple of times until you achieve your desired level of cleanliness.
  4. Using a dry piece of cloth, wipe off excess moisture from the surface of the floor. Alternatively, you can also use another mop but make sure that it is clean and completely free from any moisture. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to use a cloth and mop that is soft so no scratch marks or streaks will be left on the surface.

Final Words…

A lot of factors can cause streaks on wood floors. Even the act of cleaning can cause these, but streaks can be avoided just by following the simple steps and by using the right kinds of tools and cleaning materials.

Nov 24

What is The Best Handheld Vacuum to Buy?

In the market for a handheld vacuum but not sure which one to get?

Having a wide variety to choose from is a good thing, but it can be overwhelming. The best approach is to take a look at your current vacuuming needs.

These machines are now designed with specific purposes in mind. Some focus on pet hair while others lean towards hardwood floors, carpeted stairs, and even upholstery, with versatility and a variety of attachments.

Before you start looking for the best handheld vacuum reviews, take some time to consider where, and how you’ll be using your new handheld machine.

Best Handheld Vacuum For Hardwood Floors:

A handheld vacuum cleaner is not only a life saver at home but a time saver as well. It picks up dust, rounds it up and places it in an easily disposal bag without worrying about the traumatic experience of cleaning the house with a dust pan and broom stick.

It is conveniently portable, light weight and can serve an array of functions such as keep the car clean, keep the house free from animal hair as well as take good care of your hardwood floors leaving them sparkling clean.

However, not all handheld machines are suitable, and caution should be taken when deciding on which one is best for your hardwood.

Features to Look For:

1. Suction Power

Many people have complained that their vacuum cleaners are not effective as promised by the ads on TV. This is mainly attributed to most people falling for the gimmicky features on some of the brands forgetting that the main purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to clean the house. According to certain review sites like Vacuum Companion, if you don’t research the type of vacuum you want to buy, you’re probably overpaying for features that your home doesn’t need.

Suction power is what determines whether your vacuum is better or best. Hardwood floors easily pick up dust and animal fur and for you to get the best results, choose one that offers highest suction power.

2. Accessories and Attachments

Although a strong suction power is one of the key features that most of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for hardwood have in common, it is not the only thing to look out for. Hardwood is characteristically nice to look at and attractive to the naked eye, but is also very prone to scratches when cleaned.

It is therefore important to select one with accessories that stand less chances of scratching it. Your best bet is to find a cleaner that uses a brush with soft cleaning bristles. In the event that a nozzle attachment has a wheels, ensure that they are rubberized rather than plastic.

3. Dust Trap Technology

The beauty with vacuum cleaners is the ability to choose. They offer differing options in terms of design, size as well as the technology used in storing and disposing of collected dust and dirt.

Vacuum cleaners usually employ bag or bag less technology with minor tweaks here and there although the concepts are usually still the same. Since hardwood floors are vulnerable to dust and animal hair accumulation, it is important to consider one that utilizes use of bag to collect dirt for health reasons. This also goes hand in hand with one with HEPA filter inclusion.

4. Weight

When I look at some of the vacuum cleaners in the market, I can say for a fact that some out rightly don’t deserve to be referred to as “handheld”. Ideally, a handheld machine is supposed to be portable, comfortable in the hand and lightweight if not feather weight.

Hardwood, in a typical home, usually span a large space. They also tend to be frequently cleaned, thus having to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner around from one corner to another can be quite frustrating and tiresome. Go for a light weight model to save you the hustle.

Best Handheld Vacuum for Carpeted Stairs:

It’s cleaning day, and once again you are forced to confront the dreaded carpeted staircase in your home. Cleaning the stairs does not have to be as painful as a root canal as long as you have the right equipment to work with. There are a few decisions you are faced with, but thankfully none of these have to be too life altering.

Features to Look For

Consider this tool your best friend. What features do you look for when selecting your friends in life? Loyalty, companionship, trust, and someone there to listen to you? These are a few of the friend characteristics I look for, and why should a vacuum be any different?

You and this tool will spend a significant amount of time and energy together and this should not be a one-way relationship. The model and style you choose should give you what you need and listen to what you are telling it to do…or at least, what to pick up! When picking your long-term cleaning companion, here are a few things to look for:

  • It should have a long cord for the journey up the mountain of stairs…unless you are fortunate to have an electrical outlet somewhere along the way.
  • There should be a tube attachment so you can easily navigate and clean the dirt hoarding corners of each step.
  • An automatic roll brush is a neat accessory to have. This brush will actually scrub the carpet and pull up dirt that is trapped way down inside. The same result can be achieved with a standard bristle brush, but it takes more manual labor…maybe you are going for a heavyweight championship in carpet scrubbing?
  • This machine should be light weight and easy to carry (and a good color choice helps too).
  • Capacity to hold your dirt! There is nothing worse than to get halfway through a cleaning project and have to stop to empty out the dirt collection cup.

The Money Dilemma

Companies spend billions each year on advertising their products. Catchy marketing phrases, humorous commercials…well sort of, and outrageous claims of what their product can do. When looking for your cleaning buddy, you will be faced with the economic decision of how much you want to spend as handhelds can range between $30 to a whopping $200!

The price tag does not make the vacuum and most often the cheaper versions work just as good as their more spendy cousins. When I shop for just about any electronic equipment, I look for a good warranty. Good companies will stand by their product and offer a 1-3 year warranty; which means if it breaks, the labor and replacement costs are on the company and not you. Sometimes the best things in life are really free!

With Cord or Without, that is the Question:

Cordless handhelds are great for small messes around your home, but the batteries in these little beasts generally last no longer than 25 minutes and lose suction as the battery life fades away. Corded handheld vacuums are great for cleaning your staircases as you can finish the project on your terms, not according to the battery’s nap time schedule. The important thing to remember is to purchase a model with a long cord.

Choosing a good quality handheld vacuum for cleaning your staircase can make the task a breeze to complete. We all have busy lives and nobody wants to spend half of their day fighting the grime. A handheld vacuum is a great investment for your money and the life you need to get back to in a hurry.

Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair Removal:

Pets are not only cute and adorable but they also offer valuable company. They help alleviate any stress that builds up in a person’s life without asking too much in return. In spite of this, owning a pet can prove a bit problematic. Pets usually need adequate care right from the quality of food they eat, cozy resting spot as well as frequent cleaning.

They also leave undesired trail of hair on a regular basis which for most people is the leading cause of allergies in their lives. In such situations, a handheld vacuum is arguably the right sword to tackle any build up pet hair leaving your home magically clean.

However, not all handheld vacuums are ideal for hair removal. Here are some tips on picking the best:

1. Suction Power

Sitting high on the factors to consider is high suction power. The need for a high suction vacuum stems from the fact that hair usually clings onto carpet and pose a challenge when it comes to removing them.

High suction strength will not only flush out the dust and dirt from the carpet, but also leave pet hair dreading the day they decided to infest your carpet.

2. Corded or Cordless

Both the corded and cordless handheld vacuum cleaners have their own advantages and disadvantages. The latter has a good reputation for being quite portable making it ideal for use in almost all types of situations. However, its main drawback is the lower suction power it produces than the corded ones because it relies on power stored on batteries.

Corded handheld vacuums with respect to hair removal are in this case better equipped because they offer a higher and constant flow of suction power.

3. Bag-less or bagged

Bagged handheld cleaners rely on bags which may be disposable or not to trap dust, dirt and pet hair collected while bag-less versions simply use a container to do the same. Although bagged vacuum cleaners are better suited in handling dirt in a hygenic manner, they offer a lesser storage facility and may be expensive to maintain over a long period of time because of frequent changing of bags.

Bag-less on the other hand offer a larger dirt storage compartment which is suitable for accumulating large amounts at a single go.

4. Filtration

Although pet hair is significantly responsible for rise in conditions such as allergies and may not be suitable for people with asthma, dust is also another culprit. Any one suffering from any of these conditions or is avoiding to be a victim in future should consider a vacuum cleaner that has a well thought after filtration system that will filter out the dust and hair from the vacuumed air.

An ideal vacuum for pet and dust removal should ensure that it features a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are specifically designed to pick up extra dust and hair that normally evades normal filters on handheld cleaners.

Best Handheld Vacuum For Upholstery:

Children are quite remarkable. They always make you feel loved, cherished and on top of it, they always leave you drenched in endless laughter. However, it is common knowledge that children find it hard living in harmony with your furniture.

They can easily ruin your precious day with a simple stroke of a razor blade on your beloved mattress or sudden splash of mud on your white sofas.

With that, you are left rushing in to clean the mess. A handy tool to accomplish this is a handheld vacuum and although there are numerous vacuums out there, not all are suitable for upholstery.

So what is the best handheld vacuum for upholstery?

1. Cleaning Brush

Whether the spill on upholstery was done by a naughty child or just by accidental means, it is wise to act on it as quick as possible to eliminate any chances of a stain forming. The first step should be to wipe off the excess liquid or food using a dry cloth before acting on it using a handheld vacuum cleaner that has a brush.

For already formed stains, they can easily be tackled by a rotating brush scrubbing it off and the vacuum sucking the particles out. Another crucial thing to look out for is the state of the brush bristles since tough bristles will most likely ruin your upholstery.

2. Wet and Dry Functionality

Upholstery are occasionally exposed to spills and stains which be quite challenging to clean. In order to handle such situations, some handheld vacuum cleaners were built to handle both dry and wet situations. They are able to suck liquids out before they get the chance to form stains on upholstery without ever developing complications from water intake.

Therefore, for effective cleaning of upholstery, consider one that is able to handle both ends of dirt states, dry and liquid forms.

3. Attachment Tools and Extendable Hose

Handheld vacuum cleaners are not only easy to carry out but also effective in cleaning hard to reach places unlike canister or upright vacuum cleaners. They are able to maneuver in slight corners and stairs. In order to maximize their reach, certain attachments are necessary.

Extendable hoses enable handheld vacuum cleaners to reach hard to reach places on upholstery such as beneath sofas and also under the cushions of sofas and other furniture. Another important attachment is the crevice tool which helps to scrape out any dirt that forms on upholstery.

4. Filtration System

Different vacuum cleaners employ different means of filtering the air that it releases back to the environment. For bagged vacuum cleaners, the bags have tiny holes that purify the air from dust and other small particles as it leaves leaving the dust trapped in the bag.

However, research has shown that they are not effective in purifying the air it releases back into the environment and therefore vacuum cleaners that utilize HEPA filters are highly preferred. This is because they are able to trap a vast amount of dust and other small harmful particles that are not good for one’s health.

Top Rated Handheld Vacuums

Once you’ve made a list of options that are important to you, take a look below at some of the highest rated and best handheld vacuum on the market today.

1. Makita BCL180W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Vacuum

Makita is synonymous with tool quality and this machine is no different. It has a very powerful and long lasting battery (10 to 20 minutes continuous run) that recharges in 15 minutes. It also comes with an extension attachment that converts it into a “wand-type” hand vacuum.

2. Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum

The Eureka EasyClean is very powerful and comes with a pre-attached hose. No more fumbling around trying to attach a hose then hook on the attachment. Great for stairs with a large dust cup.

3. BISSELL Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vac

People like the BISSELL Cleanview thanks to it’s light weight and hose with attachments. The crevice tool that attaches to the hose is great for taking care of those dirty nooks and crannies. The curved handle makes vacuuming easy on your wrists so you won’t have that awful cramping in your arm in the middle of your cleaning sessions. Being corded means you never have to wait for the recharge.

4. Black & Decker CHV1410L 14.4-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Dust Buster

One issue from past cordless handheld vacuums was battery life and memory. With the Black and Decker, those issues have been completely eliminated. The battery lasts a long time and recharges fully for your next go around. This machine also comes with a bevy of attachments so you can use the long-nozzled machine to it’s full advantage.

5. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Portable Vacuum

This corded unit does a number on pet hair, just like it’s name states. Although one of the smallest machines available, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have incredible suction power. Even the finest cat hair can’t stay stuck on the couch thanks to it’s unique rubber nozzle that attracts the sticky follicles to it and off of your furniture. Also, the curved handle, again, makes it easier on your wrists.

6. Hoover Platinum LINX Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum

Another pet hair powerhouse, the Hoover LINX gets high marks from users for it’s suction ability even when the bin is filling up with hair. This cordless machine has a removable battery for charging. Some consider this an inconvenience, while hardcore users like to have an extra battery charging while they are cleaning.

These top six highly rated vacs should satisfy just about every need out there. Again, consider what your preferences are when it comes to weight, battery run time, cord versus cordless, adapters and attachments, and hose or hose-free and you should come away with the perfect handheld vacuum.

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